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When it comes to communicating online, we have only a few tools at our disposal. Composition, words, and images are a few such tools. According to the author of Paragraphs, Cyrus Highsmith, typefaces are a crucial tool that represents the atmosphere or the setting’s voice. To extend this, we must say that then typography has to be the body language. After all, typography is responsible for making the first impression. Good Typographic Posters intensifies the message’s character and adds a voice that subconsciously strengthens what the words are saying to affect how those words are understood.

But what is poster typography? Typography posters are an excellent way for designers to promote products and brands. Words and quotes have an impact on the audience, and when the quotation or words are good, the design needs to be minimalistic for the typography poster to have the maximum impression. The typography design is often overlooked as a form of art. If you want to make attractive and active posters for marketing, check this article out for some of the best Typographic Posters.

10 Remarkable Examples of Typography Designs

In this list, we will look at typography poster design across various industries.

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson is famous for his innovative, quirky aesthetics in his cinematography, so it’s only fair it translates into the promotional posters for his movies. For the Isle of Dogs, the signs celebrate the setting of the film, which is Japan in the future. It can get complicated for designers to make typography stand out with such a busy background where all the characters are staring right at you, but due to the choice of bold colours and the usage of two languages, the film’s title is as striking as possible. Anderson is an ingenious user of red and yellow in every movie of his, so it’s not shocking to find the English and Japanese variants of the movie title presented in red and yellow.


Since Netflix is now the chosen platform for more and more movies every day, it’s far essential to grab the viewers with the right promotion. Okja tells the story of a young girl who is trying to prevent her pig from going to the slaughterhouse. The bright Bold Typography Poster Examples describes the movie’s three leads using meat cuts. The chalk-effect on the typeface also reminds one of the butcher boards.


Not the only musician in our list, Mogwai is a considerably well-known band that is famous for its artistic production. The poster was designed by Alfonso de Lima, whose typography inspired by water is a whimsical, innovative way to support the gig, making for different yet engaging poster typography.


This poster catches anyone’s attention due to its typography, which is designed entirely out of food! The style of color-coded on every letter makes the entire word jump out, while the typeface design at the poster’s top makes it look clean. The playful Swedish agency of Snack was the mind behind this, and this is another stellar example from them.


Designed for their fifth concert, this promotional poster from South Korea’s biggest boy band, EXO, is fascinating. Korean music groups have a running theme and color that they will replicate across all products—whether it’s music videos or posters, so this poster is on-brand for them. EXO usually utilizes the space theme and dark, moody colours in all their branding. Even the way the band logo is designed (as a compass) is eye-catching and loops back to a space exploration theme. The type in multiple languages is simple and doesn’t take away from the main design.

Spotify India

When global major music streaming platform launched in India, their playful promotional posters were seen everywhere. The eye-catching colours, the simple typeface with the quirky quotations were extremely useful.


The signs try to highlight the challenges that come when one’s suffering from dyslexia. Designed by BBDO Dubai, origami and type are used to display the problems people with dyslexia deal with. The broken and rearranged words present those problems. When you unfold the original word, the type gets jumbled that sends a powerful message through innovative layout and design.


The late Indian filmmaker, Satyajit Ray was a master of all trades, and he has designed many of his movie posters himself. The poster typography for Devi is among his best works. Remember, this was created before the age of computers, so note the use of cutwork and contrast. The typeface for the word Devi was handmade, and the spikes in each word harken back to temple designs.


A poster for a charity organization needs to grab attention but also requires sending a powerful message. These heavily typographic posters designed by Studio Dumbar for the Dutch Alzheimer Foundation provide a heartbreaking, striking visual of what the disease does to the brain. Alzheimer’s usually leads to minuscule lesions in the brain, and that is translated to the poster design with places making the type to become less apparent.


NRML is an excellent campaign poster example. This is a music festival that happens in Mexico City, and the brand typography is maintained all across the poster design. It is creative and playful. The cut-and-paste, zine-like type placement along with the name of the festival in one corner makes the poster a good example of constant, clean design while staying loyal to the edgy and vigorous style of the music festival.

Final Word

Hope these examples of cool typography posters provide you with some typography poster inspiration for your next project.

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article.


Typography refers to the art and technique of arranging typefaces, fonts, and other visual elements to create visually appealing and effective communication. It plays a crucial role in design, advertising, and branding. Typography involves selecting appropriate typefaces, arranging text, and considering factors such as readability, legibility, and visual hierarchy.

Typographic Posters:

Typographic posters are a form of visual communication that combines typography and design to convey a message or promote a product or brand. These posters use typography as the primary visual element, often featuring words, quotes, or phrases in creative and visually striking ways. The design of typographic posters can vary, but they often aim to create a strong visual impact and enhance the message being conveyed.

Examples of Typography Designs:

The article mentions several examples of typography designs. Here are some notable examples:

  1. Isle of Dogs: The typography in the promotional posters for the movie "Isle of Dogs" by Wes Anderson uses bold colors and two languages (English and Japanese) to make the film's title stand out.

  2. Okja: The typography poster for the movie "Okja" uses bold typography and meat cuts to describe the movie's three leads, reflecting the story's theme.

  3. Mogwai: The typography poster for the band Mogwai features whimsical typography inspired by water, creating an engaging and unique design.

  4. Axfood: The typography in this poster is designed entirely out of food, with color-coded letters that make the word jump out. The top of the poster features a clean typeface design.

  5. Exploration: This promotional poster for South Korea's boy band EXO features simple typography in multiple languages, complementing the main design and branding.

  6. Spotify India: The promotional posters for Spotify India use eye-catching colors, simple typefaces, and quirky quotations to grab attention.

  7. Sydlexia: This poster aims to highlight the challenges faced by people with dyslexia. It uses origami and type to display the problems, with broken and rearranged words conveying the message.

  8. Devi: The typography poster for the movie "Devi" by Satyajit Ray showcases his artistic skills. The handmade typeface and temple-inspired design make it a standout example.

  9. Alzheimer: These typographic posters, designed for the Dutch Alzheimer Foundation, use typography to visually represent the impact of the disease on the brain, with fading and less apparent type to convey the message.

  10. NRML: This poster is an example of a campaign poster for the music festival NRML in Mexico City. It maintains the festival's brand typography and features a creative and playful design.

These examples demonstrate the creative and impactful use of typography in poster design across various industries.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask!

10 Superb Typography Posters Design Examples - Nebulas Website Design (2024)
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