11 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Designers (2024)

11 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Designers (1)

For years, the trends have stayed largely the same. We’ve made the most of minimalism’s crisp palette and midcentury modern’s sleek lines. We’ve opened up our homes, welcoming multifunction. And we’ve kept our decor schemes uncluttered.

But in 2023, things are changing. Our wood stains are getting darker. Our palettes are getting moodier. And our spaces are becoming a lot more maximalist.

This change is happening all over the home. But it’s especially obvious in the kitchen—where white-on-white has reigned supreme for nearly a decade. In fact, when we asked eight interior designers what 2023 kitchen trends are headed our way, their answers were remarkably similar: Expect bold materials, ornate details, dramatic colors—and an absolute about-face from the kitchen design trends that have dominated for years.

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Fill Your Space With Bold Marble

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Quartz has become a fan-favorite kitchen material—and it’s not hard to see why. It’s sleek, versatile, and hardy, adding function and form to any home.

But in 2023, we’re trading sleek for statement-making and favoring high-contrast marbles, instead. “Stronger veined marbles give you that heightened visual contrast that instantly engages the eye,” Wendy Word, principal designer of Wendy Word Design, says. So go all out with a bold marble backsplash, high-contrast countertops, or a statement-making island.

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Line Your Shelves With Art

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In 2023, we're paring back on open storage— and rethinking our shelves. “We’re moving to open shelving ‘moments’— limited sections of shelving that display curated objects,” Word says. “[And] everyday tabletop is shifting behind cabinet doors.”

So stow away your dishes—and line your shelves with art, instead. “We are seeing kitchens become a place for both functionality and personal expression,” Tara Paquette, junior designer at Aspen & Ivy, says. And Tiffani Baumgart, principal designer of Tiffani Baumgart Interiors, agrees: “Kitchens have long been art-deprived. That’s going to end in 2023.”

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Invest in a Butler’s Pantry

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Avid hosts have fallen in love with the butler’s pantry—a small kitchen-side room that’s great for storage and food prep. “Butler’s pantries have become a design darling,” Baumgart says. “Now, we’re going to see the concept expand.”

So deck out a butler's pantry of your own. Add a sink, a dishwasher—anything you want to keep out of sight. “All sins are hidden in the [butler’s pantry],” Ginger Curtis, principal designer of Urbanology Designs, says. “This trend is all about the ability to host with ultimate ease.”

Or save space by building a butler’s wall, instead. Find a spot near your kitchen, and line it with distinct shelves and cabinets. “This adds the perfect place to keep your barware, glassware, dishes, and serving pieces,” Baumgart says.

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Favor Darker Woods

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Dark wood stains are making a comeback—especially in the kitchen. “People are longing for richer, more inviting kitchens after a decade of the bright white room,” Mary Beth Christopher, principal designer of MBC Interior Design, says. “These darker woods bring in character and warmth, while also adding contrast to lighter elements.”

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Pick Taupe Over White

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In 2023, we’re dipping our toes into the world of maximalism. And that means replacing our favorite warm whites with slightly darker shades. “We are seeing a shift, [with people using] taupe [and] bone to replace white,” Curtis says.

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Add Ornate Architectural Details

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As we move away from the sleek white kitchen, we’re packing our spaces with ornate architectural details—like decorative trim, exposed beams, and more. “Bespoke kitchens are the trend of the decade, as homeowners [embrace] artistic custom design in all areas of their homes,” Paquette says.

“In 2023, you can expect to see more furniture-style millwork,” she adds. And Curtis says you’ll see more statement ceiling features—like “coffered ceilings, wood ceilings, beams, [and] medallions.”

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Pick a Statement-Making Range Hood

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Want to make a statement in your kitchen? Don’t just line your backsplash with playful tiles. “In 2023, range hoods are the new backsplashes,” Word says. So top your stove with a stunning range hood that sets the tone in your space.

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Mix and Match Metals

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Color-coordinating your hardware might look sleek. But in 2023, mixing metals is the move. “Mixed metals in the kitchen will be a strong trend in 2023,” Word says. “Think: bronze, brass, copper, stainless, blackened steel, and more—creating an elevated yet inviting culinary haven in the home.”

The beautiful thing about this trend? You can use it to make your kitchen more functional. Keep your go-to cooking tools out and leave your favorite pots on your stove. “Think of a modern kitchen as a culinary lab … and let your tools be the stars,” Jackie Terrell, principal designer of Jackie Terrell Studio, says.

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Take a Risk With Your Lighting

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Want to upgrade your kitchen without splurging on a renovation? Switch out your light fixtures. “Kitchen risks can be incredibly expensive, so it makes sense that people want to stick with the classics,” Kirsten Conner, principal designer of Kirsten Conner Design, says. “Where we are seeing more design risk-taking, however, is with kitchen lighting.”

By hanging a striking chandelier or some playful semi-flush mounts, you can embrace 2023’s bespoke kitchen trend without spending a fortune.

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Snag a Glass-Door Fridge

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Looking for an unexpected way to make a statement in your kitchen? Snag a glass-door fridge. “Glass-door fridges are back,” Erica Thompson, designer and organizer at Organized By Design, says. “Let’s face it—food is one of the most beautiful things in the world.” And as we move away from open shelving, glass-door fridges offer a fresh opportunity to curate a stunning storage display.

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Play With Nostalgia

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A lot of 2023’s favorite kitchen design trends nod to the past—marrying “old European cottage [style]” with “modern-day function and beauty,” Curtis says. So finish off your space with a pop of nostalgia—like an old family photo, a thrifted painting, or some antique server ware.

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Kitchen Trends in 2023

The article discusses the changing kitchen trends in 2023. Let's dive into each concept mentioned in the article and explore them further:

1. Bold Marble: In 2023, there is a shift from sleek quartz to bold marbles in kitchen design. Strongly veined marbles create heightened visual contrast, engaging the eye. This trend can be embraced by incorporating bold marble in backsplashes, countertops, or statement-making islands.

2. Artful Shelves: Open storage is being pared back, and kitchen shelves are being rethought. Instead of displaying everyday tabletop items, limited sections of open shelving are used to showcase curated objects. Everyday items can be stored behind cabinet doors. This trend allows kitchens to become spaces for functionality and personal expression.

3. Butler's Pantry: Butler's pantries, which are small kitchen-side rooms used for storage and food prep, have become popular among avid hosts. In 2023, the concept of the butler's pantry is expanding. Adding features like sinks and dishwashers to the butler's pantry allows for easy hosting and keeps clutter hidden.

4. Darker Woods: Dark wood stains are making a comeback in the kitchen. After a decade of bright white rooms, people are longing for richer and more inviting kitchens. Darker woods add character, warmth, and contrast to lighter elements in the kitchen.

5. Taupe Over White: As part of the shift towards maximalism, warm whites are being replaced with slightly darker shades like taupe and bone. This change in color scheme adds depth and richness to the kitchen.

6. Ornate Architectural Details: Sleek white kitchens are being replaced with spaces that feature ornate architectural details such as decorative trim, exposed beams, coffered ceilings, wood ceilings, and medallions. This trend embraces bespoke kitchen design and allows for artistic customizations.

7. Statement-Making Range Hood: Range hoods are becoming the new backsplashes in 2023. By selecting a stunning range hood, you can make a bold statement in your kitchen and set the tone for the overall design.

8. Mix and Match Metals: Mixing metals in the kitchen will be a strong trend in 2023. Instead of color-coordinating hardware, incorporating a variety of metals such as bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, and blackened steel creates an elevated and inviting culinary space.

9. Lighting as Design Risk: While kitchen renovations can be expensive, taking design risks with lighting fixtures provides an opportunity to embrace the bespoke kitchen trend without breaking the bank. Hanging a striking chandelier or unique light fixtures adds personality and style to the kitchen.

10. Glass-Door Fridge: Glass-door fridges are making a comeback in 2023. As open shelving is being pared back, glass-door fridges offer a chance to curate a visually appealing storage display while showcasing the beauty of food.

11. Nostalgic Touches: Many kitchen design trends in 2023 blend old European cottage style with modern-day function and beauty. Adding nostalgic elements like old family photos, thrifted paintings, or antique server ware can provide a pop of nostalgia and create a timeless feel in the kitchen.

By understanding and incorporating these trends, homeowners can create stylish and up-to-date kitchens that reflect their personal tastes and preferences.

11 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Designers (2024)
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