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DragonVale is a virtual game that has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide, allowing players to create and manage their own dragon park. Among the many mythical creatures that players can breed and raise, the rare and mysterious Wendigo Dragon stands out as a coveted prize. With its unique abilities and captivating appearance, breeding a Wendigo Dragon is no small feat. In this complete guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process, providing valuable insights and tips to increase your chances of breeding this extraordinary dragon in DragonVale.

Understanding The Basics Of Wendigo Dragons In Dragonvale:

The Wendigo Dragon is a unique and majestic creature found in the magical world of Dragonvale. Understanding the basics of this elusive dragon is essential before attempting to breed it.

Wendigo Dragons possess a striking appearance with their icy blue skin, sharp and translucent wings, and intimidating antlers on their head. They are known for their powerful ice and cold abilities.

These dragons thrive in cold habitats and have a preference for unique combinations of elements such as Cold, Fire, and Light. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific elements needed for breeding this dragon.

Moreover, Wendigo Dragons have specific breeding times and limited availability during certain seasons, making them even more desirable for collectors. Those who are patient and dedicated will be rewarded with the opportunity to breed this rare and magnificent creature.

In this guide, we will dive into all aspects of breeding a Wendigo Dragon and share tips and strategies to increase your chances of success. Let’s embark on this magical journey and unlock the secrets of breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale!

Selecting The Right Pair And Traits For Successful Breeding

When it comes to breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale, selecting the right pair with compatible traits is crucial for successful breeding. To increase your chances of getting this elusive dragon, it’s important to understand its breeding requirements and traits.

The Wendigo Dragon belongs to the Epic element and is considered a rare breed. To breed it, you’ll need to have two dragons with specific elements and traits. One of the most common combinations is to breed a Cold Dragon with a Metal Dragon. However, there are other possible combinations that may result in a Wendigo Dragon, such as using a Frostfire Dragon and a Mine Dragon.

In addition to the correct dragon pairing, certain traits can also influence the breeding outcome. Traits like level, rarity, and enchanted versions of dragons can all play a role. Higher levels and rarities generally increase your chances of breeding a Wendigo Dragon.

Remember that breeding is a game of chance, so it may take several attempts before successfully obtaining a Wendigo Dragon. Experiment with different combinations and traits to increase your odds and don’t give up. With perseverance and the right pair, you’ll eventually welcome a majestic Wendigo Dragon to your Dragonvale park.

Setting Up A Suitable Habitat For Breeding Wendigo Dragons

Wendigo Dragons require a specific type of habitat in order to breed successfully in Dragonvale. Creating an ideal environment for these mystical creatures is crucial for their growth and development.

First and foremost, ensure that the habitat is spacious enough to accommodate the Wendigo Dragons comfortably. These dragons require ample space to fly and stretch their wings. The habitat should also be equipped with an appropriate temperature regulator to mimic their natural habitat.

Another important aspect to consider is the habitat’s vegetation. Wendigo Dragons are known for their love of icy landscapes, so incorporating snowy fields and frosty trees is essential. You can also add frozen waterfalls and ice sculptures to enhance the overall appearance of the habitat.

Furthermore, it is crucial to provide adequate feeding areas within the habitat. Wendigo Dragons primarily feed on frozen meat, so having a designated area for their food supply is important. This will ensure that they are well-nourished and have access to their preferred diet.

By setting up a suitable habitat for breeding Wendigo Dragons, you are increasing the chances of successful breeding and fostering a healthy and thriving dragon population in Dragonvale.

Implementing The Proper Breeding Techniques For Wendigo Dragons

Breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale requires some specific techniques to increase your chances of success. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to breed this rare dragon:

1. Choose the right combination: To breed a Wendigo Dragon, you need to breed two dragons with specific elements. The recommended combination is a Cold Dragon and a Fire Dragon. This combination greatly increases your chances of obtaining a Wendigo Dragon egg.

2. Upgrade your breeding cave: Upgrading your breeding cave to level 4 or higher will improve your breeding odds. The higher the level of your breeding cave, the better the chances of breeding rare dragons, including the Wendigo Dragon.

3. Use the right level dragons: The level of the dragons you use for breeding can also affect your odds. Using dragons at higher levels, preferably level 11 or above, increases the chances of obtaining a rare dragon like the Wendigo Dragon.

4. Be patient and persistent: Breeding rare dragons like the Wendigo Dragon may require multiple attempts. Keep trying different combinations and be patient. Sometimes it takes a while to get the desired dragon.

By implementing these proper breeding techniques, you can increase your chances of successfully breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale. Good luck!

Nurturing The Wendigo Dragon Egg And Hatching Process

Upon successfully breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale, one would be eagerly waiting for the Wendigo Dragon egg to hatch. Nurturing the egg and ensuring a smooth hatching process is crucial for the arrival of your new dragon companion.

The first step in nurturing the Wendigo Dragon egg is to place it in an incubation cave. This special cave provides a controlled environment that allows the egg to develop properly. Make sure the temperature and humidity levels are suitable for the egg’s needs.

During this incubation period, it is essential to monitor the egg regularly. Keep an eye on the egg’s color and any visible changes, as these can indicate progress. Be patient, as the incubation time can vary, taking anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Once the egg shows signs of cracking, it is a sign that the hatching process has begun. The cracks will gradually grow, and the baby Wendigo Dragon will soon emerge. Avoid interfering with the hatching process and let it unfold naturally.

After the hatchling emerges, provide a comfortable and spacious habitat for your new Wendigo Dragon. Ensure that the habitat is suitable and equipped with all the necessary elements to meet the dragon’s needs. Congratulations on successfully nurturing and hatching your very own Wendigo Dragon!

Raising And Caring For A Wendigo Dragon In Dragonvale

Raising and caring for a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale requires attention to its habitat, feeding needs, and overall well-being. Firstly, make sure to provide a spacious habitat that accommodates the dragon‚Äôs size and allows it to flourish. Creating an environment that resembles the Wendigo Dragon’s natural habitat, such as a cold and snowy landscape, will help it feel more at home.

Feeding the Wendigo Dragon a balanced diet is crucial for its growth and health. Stock up on the right type of food, such as fish and meat, which cater to its carnivorous nature. Keep an eye on its appetite and ensure it is eating enough to maintain its energy levels.

Regular check-ups with a dragon veterinarian are essential to monitor the Wendigo Dragon’s health. Look out for any signs of illness or discomfort, and take prompt action if needed. Engage with the dragon through playtime and training sessions to stimulate its mental and physical development.

Lastly, maintaining a clean and hygienic habitat is vital to prevent the dragon from getting sick. Regularly clean the habitat, change water sources, and remove any waste or debris. Remember, a healthy and well-cared-for Wendigo Dragon will bring joy and pride to your Dragonvale park.

Maximizing Wendigo Dragon Breeding Odds And Tips For Success

Breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale requires patience, strategy, and a bit of luck. To increase your chances of success, there are several tips and tricks you can follow:

1. Select the right breeding pair: Choose dragons with traits that have a higher likelihood of producing a Wendigo Dragon. Look for dragons with ice, plant, and dark elements in their breeding pool. Examples include the Cold Dragon, Tree Dragon, and Shadow Dragon.

2. Utilize the Breeding Cave and Epic Breeding Island: Both breeding locations have different breeding odds. Make use of both options simultaneously to increase your chances of obtaining a Wendigo Dragon.

3. Upgrade your breeding locations: Level up the Breeding Cave and Epic Breeding Island to increase your odds of breeding rare dragons. Upgrading these locations will unlock better breeding options and increase the chances of breeding a Wendigo Dragon.

4. Time your breeding: Certain events and breeding boosts can increase your chances of breeding a Wendigo Dragon. Keep an eye on limited-time events and take advantage of any breeding boost opportunities.

5. Breed during specific times: Some players believe that breeding during specific times of the day or night increases the odds of breeding rare dragons. Experiment with different breeding times to see if it increases your chances of breeding a Wendigo Dragon.

By following these tips and experimenting with different breeding combinations, you can maximize your odds of breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale. Good luck!


1. How can I obtain a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale?

To breed a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale, you need to combine the Frostfire Dragon and the Mountain Dragon in the breeding cave or the epic breeding island. The chances of obtaining a Wendigo Dragon may vary each time you try, so be patient and keep trying until you succeed!

2. What are the breeding requirements for a Wendigo Dragon?

To successfully breed a Wendigo Dragon, you need to have both the Frostfire Dragon and the Mountain Dragon at your disposal. Make sure you have these dragons in your collection before attempting to breed them together.

3. Are there any specific breeding combinations that increase my chances of getting a Wendigo Dragon?

While it’s not guaranteed, using dragons that have specific elements can increase your chances of breeding a Wendigo Dragon. Dragons with Ice and Earth elements, like the Frostfire Dragon and the Mountain Dragon, have a higher likelihood of producing a Wendigo Dragon when bred together.

4. What is the breeding time and incubation period for a Wendigo Dragon?

The breeding time for a Wendigo Dragon is 24 hours, while the incubation period after successfully breeding one is also 24 hours. Keep an eye on your breeding cave or epic breeding island to track the progress of your Wendigo Dragon’s breeding and incubation.

Final Words

In conclusion, breeding a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale requires a specific combination of elemental dragons and patience. Following this complete guide will ensure that players have the best chance of obtaining this unique and elusive dragon. With its striking appearance and powerful abilities, the Wendigo Dragon is a valuable addition to any player’s Dragonvale collection.

How to Breed a Wendigo Dragon in Dragonvale: A Complete Guide - BlinksAndButtons (2024)
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