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From the latest cabinet designs and kitchen layouts to trending colours, the experts reveal all you need to know about kitchen trends of 2023.

If you’ve ever tried searching online ‘Which is the most used room in a house?’ you’ll know the answer is the kitchen. With food being one of the basic human needs, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is considered the most important part of the home. Over the years, methodical kitchen planning has ensured the cooking experience becomes more convenient and the kitchen space looks clutter-free. And the kitchen design trends of 2023 are all set to take it to the next level!

Don’t believe us? Read on to discover the top kitchen trends that will be huge in 2023 and old trends that you need to say goodbye to.

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Kitchen Trends Of 2023 Will Be In Favour Of Modern Designs

Kitchen design trends in 2022 brought in a lot of vintage elements to kitchen designs. In 2023, we’re moving away from the classic style and switching to sharp and modern kitchen designs with straight clean lines. Nikita Chotrani, DesignCafe’s ace interior designer, says modern designs are easy to maintain and offer a more polished look. Check out this strikingly beautiful kitchen in dual colours, equipped with modular solutions that utilise every corner well.

Jessica Fernandis, one of DesignCafe’s senior Interior designers, says, “The key to setting something ordinary apart is through the details.” So, focus on the details to make an ordinary kitchen stand out. For instance, this kitchen has an interesting dado wall and glass top cabinets to display your fancy crockery. You can also add succulents that bring a green vibe to the kitchen space.

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Space-Saving Furniture Is One Of The Current Trends In Kitchen Design

When asked about the latest kitchen cabinet trends, Jessica suggests going for designs that maximise space and make the kitchen more organised. Pantry units, hidden drawers, corner units — all of these help keep your kitchen spic and span without demanding too much space. With our lives getting busier day by day, modular mechanisms like these help in getting work done faster and ensure easy organisation of kitchen essentials.

Tasneem Arsiwala, our top designer from our Mumbai Experience Centre, says people are now more inclined towards high functionality and extra storage space, but without compromising the look of the kitchen. We understand that this may sound like being in a pickle, but DesignCafe’s modular kitchens offer the best of both worlds through space-saving solutions and stunning looks.

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Stone Slabs Are Leading Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Yes, stone slabs are replacing tiles and lacquered glass for the backsplash in 2023. At the same time, we’ll be seeing a lot of textured stone designs too for kitchen countertops in 2023. Tasneem recommends slabs matching the countertop for the backsplash to make the space look elegant and big.

Take this marble kitchen countertop design, for example. The same white marble slab is used for the backsplash as well, which gives it a very sophisticated and premium look. The striking contrast it creates against the teal blue cabinets makes a bold style statement. We are all in for these latest countertop and backsplash trends as they are giving Indian kitchens an opulent yet timeless look.

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Crockery And Bar Units Are Trending In Cupboard Designs

Post-COVID, at-home entertainment has become very popular. People are spending as much time with their friends at home as in restaurants or cafes. So, furniture like crockery units and bar cabinets will gain popularity in 2023, notes Jessica.

These multi-functional cupboard designs offer extra storage and display space while at the same time enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. We love this trending modular kitchen design in an open layout with a stylish crockery unit. Its clear glass doors and backlit shelves bring out the beauty of your expensive crockery.

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Duco Finish Is An Upcoming Kitchen Trend That You Must Try

Give your kitchen a high-quality appeal without emptying your wallet with Duco finish cabinets. Not only is it long-lasting but also very attractive. Tasneem suggests mixing Duco finish cabinets with printed surfaces for a lively kitchen.

For those who want a modern look to complement their home interiors, Jessica suggests opting for natural tones like champagne and earthy browns. She shares that all earthy elements will be trending in kitchen design trends in 2023 — stone, cement, and light wood finishes. Check out this champagne and white kitchen with a foldable space-saving breakfast table. The Duco finish gives the cabinets a classic look that is evergreen and will always look chic.

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A Mix Of Bright And Light Tones Will Be The Trending Kitchen Colours

It’s time to let go of dull shades and have some fun with bright colours! Hues of blue and green are set to rule the kitchen colour charts in 2023. Mixing vibrant shades like yellow, blue, green, and pink with light wood laminates will ensure you have the most trendy kitchen design.

Tasneem predicts kitchens in 2023 to be colourful with a balance of subtle countertops and dados. At the same time, she is all in the favor of mixing white with pastel colours for a soothing vibe. Check out this pastel blue and white kitchen design that is pleasing to the eye and comes with lots of space-saving features like a spice pull-out and a skirting drawer.

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Matte Black Is Trending In Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Our top designers feel all-white kitchens are evergreen and will never go out of style. But once you go black, it’s impossible to go back! For those who love a dash of boldness in their home interiors, Jessica recommends matte black kitchen cabinets with brass hardware.

This open kitchen in matte black is a treat for sore eyes! The classic pairing of black and white is an assured winner, with the cabinet handles adding just the right dose of glamour. We love how the textured backsplash brings character to this kitchen space without taking away the beauty of black.

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Parallel Kitchen Still Remains The Most Popular Kitchen Layout In Indian Homes

With space being a major issue in urban Indian homes, parallel kitchen layouts offer high convenience in less space. Not to forget that it doubles the countertop and the storage space. For instance, this bright red parallel kitchen design promises ease of navigation and makes cooking in a small space efficient.

For another way to make your compact kitchen look more spacious, Tasneem recommends a semi-closed kitchen concept. Jessica is in total agreement with Tasneem’s recommendation and says kitchens in 2023 will feature a sliding partition. This partition can be slid so the kitchen opens to a larger space when required and pulled back when you want more privacy. The material for this partition can be see-through or engraved for aesthetic appeal.

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And that brings us to the end of kitchen design trends 2023. Now that you know the trending modular kitchen styles for 2023, it’s time to find the right team to design your dream kitchen. Our passionate and experienced designers offer expert advice and personalised designs to turn your vision into reality. So book a free consultation now!

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Kitchen Trends of 2023

The article discusses various kitchen trends that were predicted for the year 2023. Here's a breakdown of the concepts mentioned:

Modern Designs: The article suggests that modern kitchen designs with straight clean lines were expected to be popular in 2023. These designs are said to be easy to maintain and offer a polished look.

Space-Saving Furniture: The article mentions that space-saving furniture is a current trend in kitchen design. Pantry units, hidden drawers, and corner units are recommended to maximize space and keep the kitchen organized.

Stone Slabs: Stone slabs were predicted to replace tiles and lacquered glass for kitchen backsplashes in 2023. Textured stone designs were also expected to be popular for kitchen countertops.

Crockery and Bar Units: The article suggests that post-COVID, at-home entertainment has become popular, leading to increased demand for furniture like crockery units and bar cabinets. These multi-functional cupboard designs offer extra storage and display space while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Duco Finish: Duco finish cabinets were mentioned as an upcoming kitchen trend. They are described as long-lasting and attractive. The article suggests mixing Duco finish cabinets with printed surfaces for a lively kitchen.

Bright and Light Tones: The article predicts that bright colors, particularly hues of blue and green, will be popular in kitchen design in 2023. Mixing vibrant shades with light wood laminates is recommended for a trendy kitchen design.

Matte Black: Matte black kitchen cabinets with brass hardware were suggested for those who want a bold look in their home interiors. The article states that all-white kitchens are evergreen and will never go out of style, but matte black cabinets can add a touch of boldness.

Parallel Kitchen Layout: The parallel kitchen layout was mentioned as the most popular kitchen layout in Indian homes. It offers convenience and maximizes countertop and storage space. The article also suggests a semi-closed kitchen concept with a sliding partition for more flexibility in space usage.

It's important to note that these trends were predicted for 2023, and actual trends may vary. Kitchen designs and trends can be influenced by various factors, including cultural preferences, individual tastes, and evolving design aesthetics.

Kitchen Design Trends To Look Out For In 2023 | DesignCafe (2024)
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