Chung ming Chen | CakeResume (2024)

Chung ming Chen | CakeResume (1) Chung ming Chen

Suzhou, China

Game Developer with 10 years of focused industry experience and the proper foundation with education in Computer Sciences. My professional skills such as C#, PHP, Node.js various technologies, and years of development experience to improve project production and development efficiency.


Unity3D C# PHP Javascript Python VUE JAVA C++


2016 - PRESENT

Lead Game Programmer

Suzhou Bigbeargame LTD Co

Suzhou, China

  • Responsible for the development of mahjong game framework system;
  • Responsible for the development of the company platform system;
  • Responsible for company's R & D department establishment and technology team construction;
  • To be responsible for the recruitment and training of the personnel of the technical department;
  • Participate in the formulation of the company's technical strategy plan;

2014/6 - 2015/10

Lead Game Programmer

Lythen Network

Shanghai, China

  • Develope Action RPG game by Unity3D;
  • Assist other client members in developing game features;
  • Coordinate planning requirements and design systems;
  • Plan the project development schedule;
  • Build Backend Service by PHP;

2013/4 - 2014/5

Leader Programmer

Raytheon Digital

Taichung, Taiwan

  • Transplant web game to mobile app(Android/iOS)in projects within one years for oversea customers in Taiwan, and Japan;
  • Using Unity3D to develop mobile game and develop game system on Socket server and established billing system of android/iOS;
  • Completed game billing with Prime31 plugin and using Wnmp to verify transaction of In-App billing;
  • Build Backend Service by PHP;
  • Distributing game on Google market and Apple store;
  • Develop the Job Plan to project programmer and trace the project progress;

十月 2008 - 三月 2013

Game programmer

USERJOY Technology Co. LTD

Taipei, Taiwan

Participated in the development of three game projects

  • Participated in the development of three MMO projects;
  • Using Python and C++ to develop Game UI system based on BigWorld engine;
  • Implement Game UI manufacturing process, contains source naming and category, application development, memory usage tracking;
  • Using Unity3d to develop web game;
  • Complete IO data loader, AssetBundle loader, and other game logic function;


2005 - 2007

國立台灣科技大學 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Master of Engineering (MEng), Department of Automation Engineering

2003 - 2005

國立臺灣海洋大學 National Taiwan Ocean University

Bachelor's degree


大熊苏州麻将 / Mobile Casual


  • Develop mahjong client independently using cocos creator;
  • Develop a back-end system independently using THINKPHP;
  • Develop game server using Nodejs;
  • Responsible for the product ios, android release online;
  • Responsible for managing server running backups

[apple store]

search '大熊苏州麻将' on Apple Store

Bomberman Fight Online/ Mobile


  • Responsible for selecting the project technical framework;
  • Responsible for developing hot updates technology;
  • Responsible for the development of Bomb Superman logic;
  • Responsible for packaging the server/client upload and publish to the server;
  • Responsible for the development of frame synchronization technology;
  • Solve performance lag, network lag and optimize package size;
  • Build Atlas, AssetBundle Browser to reduce Package size;
  • Responsible for developing design excel;
  • Responsible for map editor development;
  • Responsible for the development of the action editor;

Vue3 project/ Web


  • Complete the main tasks of the project;
  • Responsible for multilingual support development;
  • Responsible for the production and development of page layout elements;
  • Responsible for HTTP interface development and debugging;
  • Responsible for accessing Tencent IM system;
  • Responsible for packaging and publishing to server deployment;

数独kid-脑力开发益智游戏/Mobile Puzzle


RummyGo/ Mobile Casual Game


  • Complete the development of Indian Rami game independently
  • Design European and American turntables, slots, lami, and other gameplay independently
  • Use Unity and Nodejs to develop Game
  • Responsible for overall game architecture, and numerical design;
  • Responsible for overseas market promotion, FB Fans,instagram promotion, and marketing activities;

  • Responsible for submit app to GooglePlay and Apple Store for review and release;

  • Responsible for developing game service framework and functions;

  • Responsible for developing game client frameworks and functions;

  • Responsible for the development and design of game backend systems;

  • Responsible for the development of the game official website

Chung ming Chen | CakeResume (2)

魂斗三国 hundousanguo /Mobile ARPG


  • develop client framework;
  • help employee overcome problem;
  • verify rationality of game demand brought up by designer;
  • establish multi languages development environment;
  • integrate third party tools, such as CrashReport、Gotye Chat API、Fmod Mobile solution、TalkingData tracing solution、VTC SDK(Login、Payment);
  • develop ios automatic compile solution;
  • establish patch system that build apk automatically and patch data to release machine;
  • increase performance to keep the game running smoothly by memory usage, load assetbundle in background thread;
  • develop assetbundle manager to cover resource load and unload;



game category : Mobile App(Android/iOS)

  • establish multi languages development environment;
  • exploit In-App Billing system by Prime31 plugin and verify signature by web services;
  • decrease memory usage of design xml and NGUI sources assetbundle;
  • establish syslog system to record player log, and analysis FAQ by syslog;
  • establish patch system that build apk automatically and patch data to release machine;
  • exploit anti-reflector tools Crypto Obfuscator to protect game data;
  • increase performance to keep the game running smoothly by memory usage, load assetbundle in background thread;
  • develop assetbundle manager to cover resource load and unload;
  • make use of android native code and UniWebView to establish mobile webview foundation;
  • complete Ad tracing SDK installation;

Moego online(萌谷帝国)/ PC MMO


  • using Combine-Meshes to decrease draw calls of user interface rendering(like Unity NGUI
  • promote texture usage efficiency by some rendering skill, such as sliced sprite, tiling, and etc.
  • develop skill colddown effect by pixel shader.

PKO online(火凤三国)/ PC MMO


develop common UI object for programmer to complete game UI, such as label, button, commbo box, chat, and etc.

assisted in solving the problem of large memory usage

Chung ming Chen | CakeResume (2024)
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