Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (2024)

The point-and-click game called Abandoned, found on the Cool Math Games website, is an interesting yet long and sometimes complicated series of puzzles that require items found in the world to solve. It is much like the point-and-click game Trace in this regard, where you'll need to search every room for items that will help you progress through the game. However, even when you have all the items, not every solution is clear-cut, so below, you can find a full walkthrough of Abandoned.

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Abandoned Walkthrough - How to solve every puzzle

The dragon statue puzzle

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (1)

When you first start the game, you'll be greeted by two dragon statues. The one on the right will have a broken spear you need to pick up.

From here, head to the left and pick up the small rock at the bottom right of the area. Then, attach the rock to the stick by clicking on both in your inventory. From here, head to the far-right area and use the stick on the giant gong. Head back to the center to find small alcoves in the wall in front of you. Click these, then head upwards to the next area.

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The two doors

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (2)

Once you climb up the alcoves, you'll find yourself overlooking a river and some natural scenery. If you head right, you'll find a door that cannot be opened yet. Heading left reveals a second door. You'll notice a key that started in your inventory, which is required for this door. Open it and step through it.

The minecart puzzle

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (3)

Stepping through the door will land you in an area with a minecart. Immediately click on the minecart and pick up the oil can inside. Head right until you find the oil drum, and use the oil can on it. While here, pick up the pickaxe hanging next to the oil drum.

Head back to the left of the room with the switch on the wall. To the switch's right is a section of broken bricks. Use the pickaxe on the wall here to break it down. Step through and pick up the wheel within. Ignore the trowel on the ground, as this is just a piece of scenery.

Head back to the minecart room and use the wheel on the minecart to fix it. Then, use the oil can on the cart to oil the wheel. From here, head back to the switch room and flip the switch. This will activate the minecart, sending it to the right and breaking down the wall. Head to the right to exit the mine shaft.

The floating light bulbs and the shaky box

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (4)

When you reach the mineshaft outside, you'll be greeted by a series of floating light bulbs attached to the bottom of squared rocks. Head to the right until you reach the last of these bulbs, and click the bottom. You will find one of the secret characters that complete the puzzle at the top right of your screen.

While heading right, you probably noticed alcoves behind one of the bulbs. Head back to this bulb and climb the alcoves to a new area. When you reach a break in the alcoves, head right and grab the key hanging near the door. Head back left and continue climbing the alcoves.

When you reach the top, you'll find a floating box in front of you, and clicking on it will cause it to shake horizontally or vertically and softly or violently. To the left and right, you will also find switches. Set the box to a soft horizontal shake and flip the left switch. Then, head back to the box, set it to a violent vertical shake, and flip the right switch. Go back to the center and click the box. It will open up, revealing a small box you will pick up.

The trapdoor in the mine shaft

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (5)

Head back to the mine shaft and use the key you found earlier on the trapdoor on the tracks. This will open it and allow you to descend below. Head down into the pipes until you reach the bottom, then head right. This will pop you out into a series of rooms with openings in the ceiling and buttons on the walls. Keep heading right through these rooms until you reach the end. You'll find a vent in the floor here that you need to descend into.

In the first room below, you'll see a strange indentation on the left wall that you need to use the pickaxe on. Doing so will break it open and allow you to enter a hidden room. Inside the room is one of the secret characters for the puzzle at the top right of the screen, so click on it to acquire it.

Head back out and descend through the vent until you reach the bottom. Head left until you reach a room on the left and one below. Head to the room below and pick up the light bulb and the brick hidden to the right on the wall.

Head back out of the room and to the far right to find a screwdriver. Pick it up and begin heading back to the mineshaft to the room you broke into using the pickaxe. Now you can use the screwdriver to open the light fixture within. Take out the light bulb inside of it.

From there, head back to the beginning of the mineshaft. You'll notice a red button that was hidden by the minecart previously. Click it, and a ladder will descend in front of you that you will then climb up to a room with a combination-locked door. Ignore the door for now but be sure to pick up the lighter to the left in an alcove.

When you descend to the room directly below the combination door room, look to the right. There will be a small patch of the wall marked with an x. Use the pickaxe on the wall to reveal another secret character for the puzzle at the top right of the screen.

The Rubix Cube puzzle

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (6)

After finding the lighter, head back to the floating lightbulb room with the climbable alcoves and head up until you reach the break in the alcoves. Head right to the door where you found the old key earlier. Use the brick with text on the hole next to the door to open it, then head inside.

You will find a floating translucent Rubix Cube in the first room. Head past it to the right to find a closed door and exposed gears. Immediately click the marked brick to the right to open a secret passage. Click inside to reveal the final secret character for the puzzle at the top right of the screen. Then, head back to the door and pick up the gear in the wall to open the door in front of you. You'll find a series of rooms with buttons if you step inside. Clicking the buttons will change the colors of the rooms.

This is where the Rubix Cube comes in, as you need to match the room colors to the Rubix Cube. The cube will denote the first room with a small square pattern representing the first door. You need to match the rooms to the following colors, using the first room as your reference point:

  • The first room is light blue.
  • The room above it is dark blue.
  • The room to the right of it is green.
  • The room in front of it is pink.
  • The room above and to the right is red.
  • The room above and forward is purple.
  • The room forward and right is yellow.
  • The room above, forward, and right is orange.

If these directions are confusing, try looking at the Rubix Cube for help, noting that the correct alignment of the cube is with the dark blue room above the light blue starting room.

When you have correctly solved the puzzle, a lightbulb will float where the Rubix Cube was. Pick it up and head back out of the room.

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The air vent puzzle and the hidden subway

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (7)

Head back to the series of floating lightbulbs, then head to the right until you reach a ladder. Descend the ladder to the bottom, head to the right, and descend the second ladder. You'll reach a vent that you need to open using the screwdriver. Click the screwdriver, then click on each bolt to unscrew them and detach the vent cover.

Head to the left until you reach a room with a cross in front of you. Click on the bottom right portion of the cross to reveal a set of gears. Use the gear in your inventory on it, then click on the cross, causing it to spin. From here, head back to the second ladder and head up. When you reach the bottom of the first ladder, you'll notice the vent cover is gone. Head into it and head to the left.

When you hit the end, head down to find the subway. Immediately head left as far as you can, head back to one room and click on the rail car door. It will slide open, revealing a pair of binoculars. From here, you need to head back to the floating light bulbs and find the one with the climbable alcoves. Head up until the break and head left.

You'll find a stand and a giant floating cube in the distance. Attach the binoculars to the stand and then look through them. There will be a pattern on the floating cube. Memorize the pattern, then head back to the entrance to the vents where the subway is. Head into the vents, but when you see the opening above, head into it. You'll find what looks to be a radio room with a switch and a set of dials that match the cube pattern. Set the dials to up, middle, down, and middle before clicking the switch. The correct solution can be found in the image below:

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (8)

You can tell the puzzle is solved by clicking on the green glowing screen next to the switch. If the subway is shown lit up by electricity, you have correctly solved it. From here, head back down into the subway.

The rail cart and the flower puzzle

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (9)

After reaching the subway, head to the right until you find a red button. Press it, so the light is green, then head to the right to find a rail cart. Click the lever next to the rail cart to travel down the rails. At the end of the rails, you will find a doorway

Head through the doorway to find a dark room with what looks like a plant stalk. In the room, there is a torch on the left wall. Use your lighter on the torch to light up the room. A ladder will now be visible to your right. Climb the ladder to the top to find an open space with a large vault door. Open the door and head inside.

Within, you'll find a room with a pedestal. Use the small gray cube in your inventory on the pedestal, which will appear floating above it. Head back outside, close the vault door behind you, and then head forward up the ladder in the room. This will take you to a switch that you need to pull. Once you pull the switch, head back down the ladder and open the vault door again. Head inside and pick up the lightbulb floating in place of the cube.

Lighting the lightbulbs and the combination door puzzle

Head back to the floating lightbulbs and use all of your lightbulbs on the empty floating slots. Then, head back to the trapdoor in the mineshaft and descend back into the rooms with openings above and red buttons. Press each red button to reveal symbols lit up on the ground. Be sure to memorize each symbol in order from left to right.

Head back to the mineshaft's entrance and up the ladder to the combination door room where you found the lighter earlier. Use the symbols you memorized to crack the combination lock. The solution is in the image below:

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (10)

Once you have the solution, the combination door will open, allowing you to step into the next room.

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The white room and the final door

Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (11)

Stepping through the combination door will lead to a completely white room with a door on the left. You'll notice the characters above the left door match the secret characters you gathered throughout the game. This door will lead to a series of notes left behind by the protagonist's brother explaining more about the world you find yourself in, but this is not necessary for completing the game, so you can skip it by heading right.

To the right, you'll find a door handle on the ground. You may notice it matches the door back at the beginning of the game above and to the right of the dragon statues. Take the door handle there and place it on the door. Open the door and step through it to complete the game!

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Abandoned Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions (2024)
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